Take Control of Your Money. Take Charge of Your Life.

In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can take control of your money, design your financial future and put an end to your money worries …. once and for all.

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  • Get Clear & Gain Control
  • Make Your Money Count
  • Save Your Way Out of Debt
  • Spend Your Money, Your Way
  • Secure Your Financial Future

When You’re On Top of Your Money, You’re On Top of Your World.

No matter what your financial situation may be, MoneyMinder gives you the power to take charge of your money, save your way out of debt, plan your financial future and transform your relationship with money forever.

Created by women for women, this easy-to-use software allows you to:


Get Clear. Gain Control.

No more stumbling around in a “money fog,” bewildered by where your money went or where it’s going. With MoneyMinder, you get up close and cozy with your money so you’re never taken by surprise.


Flexible, Guilt-Free Spending

Hey, it’s your money! Spend it on what matters most to you. With MoneyMinder, you spend your money your way, without doing harm to your financial well-being.


Plug the Drain

Identify and quickly seal up those sneaky leaks that drain away your money, your energy and your confidence, to create the financial security you want.


Predict Your Financial Future!

Avoid those end-of-the-month meltdowns. MoneyMinder shows you where you’ll be financially, before you get there, so you can adjust your spending and plan your future.


That Was Easy

If life throws you an unexpected expense or an emergency, no problem! You can easily adjust your spending and savings plan without feeling stressed, strapped or worried.


Oh, Snap!

It feels so good to be in charge of your money! With MoneyMinder, you’ll never again feel anxious, uncertain or ashamed of your financial status.


Save Your Way Out of Debt

Discover a revolutionary way to get out of debt and stay out of debt while saving money!


“No More Credit Card Debt”

“Prior to using MoneyMinder, I carried large balances on my credit cards and regularly emptied my piddly savings account for big projects. … Now I carry a zero balance on my credit cards and have growing savings and investment accounts. It’s not an overstatement to say MoneyMinder changed my life because it absolutely did, at a fundamental level.” — Lara F., Entrepreneur


Take Control of Your Money.


“What Is MoneyMinder?”

That’s a great question.

MoneyMinder is a financial tracking and spending plan software designed by women for women. It gives you the awareness, information, and savvy you need to track where your money is going for monthly and yearly expenses. It even predicts where you’ll be financially at month’s end… or the end of the year.

“What Makes MoneyMinder Different From Other Money Management Systems?”

We’re so glad you asked.



Know Where You’re Going, Not Just Where You’ve Been

Most money management systems use “rearview mirror” management. They tell you where your money went after it’s already gone!

With MoneyMinder, you can see the consequences of your spending decisions before acting on them! This gives you the power to be in control of your financial future, not just the observer of your financial past.

It’s so Much More Than Dollars and Cents

If you’ve ever panicked over your credit card bill, fought with your spouse over expenses, or stayed awake all night worried about how you’re going to deal with a certain financial situation, you already know that money management involves so much more than addition and subtraction.

Money impacts every aspect of our lives, and our relationship with money is an emotional one. MoneyMinder is the only money management software that addresses that relationship and empowers you to break free of the patterns, beliefs and behaviors that sabotage your financial well-being.

Created by Women, for Women

MoneyMinder was conceived, nurtured and brought into being by two women, both of whom are financial experts devoted to helping women achieve financial stability and freedom. They designed MoneyMinder with a woman’s needs, desires and busy life in mind.

It’s Easy, Quick and Comprehensive

In as little as 5 minutes a day, you can stay on top of your money and change your life. MoneyMinder is easier than Quicken and more efficient than Mint. It is simple to learn and lightning-quick to update with monthly and yearly spending plans, needs/wants tracking and much more.

It’s Not a Budget… It’s a Plan

With MoneyMinder, you decide how you want to spend your money. Month by month, you anticipate your income, create a spending plan and see where your finances will stand by the end of the month. Some people call this “creating a budget”. We call it creating a plan.

Take Charge of Your Life.



“Finally… Financial Sanity for me and my small business!”

“Before using MoneyMinder I never really knew how much money I had and what I could truly afford…. Money Minder allows me to track what I spend, but more importantly, it’s a planning tool to let me see what I can and cannot afford. Whether I’m looking ‘big picture’ at annual expenses or what I have in the week to come, MoneyMinder has become a tool I rely on for both my business and my personal financial sanity.” — Sara Eizen, Interior Designer & Busy Mom


Meet the Women Behind MoneyMinder


Karen McCall revolutionized the financial counseling industry with her highly-acclaimed Financial Recovery process, which liberates people from the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that keep them stuck in a self-defeating relationship with money. She is the founder of the Financial Recovery Institute spreads her passion for her work by training counselors and money coaches to build their own successful practices. She is also the creator of the MoneyMinder system, a nationally-recognized financial expert, and author of several books, including FINANCIAL RECOVERY: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money (New World Library). She has a private financial counseling practice in San Francisco, CA, where she lives with her husband. In her spare time, she does her best to spoil her grandchildren rotten.


Mikelann Valterra has been a Financial Recovery Coach for over 15 years. She addresses practical money matters as well as the emotional components that often fuel financial behaviors. Her passion is to help professional women escape the money fog, feel more in control of their finances and love their financial life. She is the author of Why Women Earn Less: How to Make What You’re Really Worth, as well as multiple workbooks and audios. Mikelann has appeared on dozens of radio and television shows and in newspapers across the United States, as well as blogs for Forbes.com. She is a nationally sought-after speaker on issues of women and money as well as working as a money coach with private individuals on their personal or small business finances. A busy single parent in Seattle, she keeps up with her zany teenage son, follows her beloved Seattle Seahawks, and wonders why her house doesn’t look like all those home decorating magazines she loves to read.

A Snapshot of How MoneyMinder Works For You

With MoneyMinder, you will be able to:

  • check_03Track your spending to get conscious and connected to your money.
  • check_03Plan where and how you want to spend your money, according to your values, goals and desires.
  • check_03Balance your spending plan to accommodate any unexpected expenses or occasional purchases without causing a big money mess.
  • check_03Know exactly where you are and where you’ll be at the end of the month, even though it’s just started!
  • check_03Adjust your plan if you need to, once you see where you’ll be by month’s end.
  • check_03Spend just 5 minutes a day tracking your spending or adjusting your plan – it’s so fast and easy!
  • check_03Live your life, and enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in charge of not only your money, but your life.

Take Control of Your Money.



“I Feel Incredibly Empowered”

“I am a huge fan of MoneyMinder! It is so incredibly simple to use, unlike some of those other money management software programs. I can customize it so easily that it makes it personalized and fun to use.

Plus, it has allowed me to take charge of my spending in a whole new way and feel incredibly empowered in this area, even though I only started managing my own money 6 months ago as a result of my divorce. Previously, I had turned that entire area of life over to my husband.

Now I know just how much money I’ve spent in what category… at the touch of a button. … I no longer have that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I spend money, because with MoneyMinder, I am one empowered female when it comes to money!” — E. Hart, recently divorced mom in grad school



“Excited About Balancing My Checkbook”

“Since using Moneyminder, I actually feel excited about balancing my checkbook and planning my spending! The sense of control I have over the financial side of my life is new to me, and very empowering.” — Julia Gold, University Professor



“Huge Difference In My Ability to Plan & Reach My Personal and Business Goals”

“MoneyMinder has been a key tool for getting my finances under control. I’ve used other budgeting software over the years, but with the benefit of hindsight, they seem crude in comparison to MoneyMinder… because they don’t help you track whether you are actually getting anywhere close to your goals, until it is too late. Plus, I love the detail and the flexibility of customizing it.

The best aspect is the forward planning. It has made such a difference to be able to project where you will be financially in a month or a year, and plan for big expenses. It has helped me set goals and figure out a strategy for reaching them.

I spent so many years fumbling around in the dark without MoneyMinder and I’m extremely grateful to my financial coach for telling me about it. The more I work with it, the better I am doing financially. — Alexandra Immel, Home and Remodel Design


Take Charge of Your Life.