Money Minder Tutorial Videos

“Quick Start” videos are less than 5 minutes each. For more detailed instructions on using the MoneyMinder, please watch the 60 minute videos “New User Tutorial Video Series” in the second section.

Quick Start Tutorial Videos

Videos in this section are less than 5 minutes each..


New User Tutorial Video Series

Videos in this sections are 60 minutes each.

New User’s Class I

If you are ready to clear away money fog and feel more control around money, join us for this first new user’s class and discover:

  • How to get started with ease
  • Explore the four types of registers
  • The power of creating your personal categories
  • The power of creating your first spending plan
  • Get started tracking

New User's Class I

New User’s Class II

Breathe life into your MoneyMinder. In class two, we will show you how to stay conscious and connected to your money through the month. Join us and learn:

  • The power of tracking
  • One stop shopping
  • Learn how to transfer
  • Explore how to make adjustments
  • Understand your monthly summary page

New User's Class II

New User’s Class III

Using credit cards is supposed to give us convenience. But when it comes to personal finance, sometimes they are a headache, causing debt and financial fog. This class will cover:

  • Understanding credit cards
  • Understand how credit card transactions appear
  • How to track new charges
  • How to plan your credit card payment
  • Learn how to pay off old debt

New User's Class III